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triangletweetup v1

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Triangle Tweetup Attendance & information

(March 6th 7pm, Calvert Holdings, Cary, NC)

A social carolina meetup - http://socialcarolina.org


Thanks for making the 1st triangletweetup a success


Media/Blog/flickr Coverage

Triangle Tweetup - http://blog.calvertcreative.com/2008/02/28/triangle-tweetup/

Work in Carrboro - http://workincarrboro.wordpress.com/keep-in-touch/

http://www.flickr.com/photos/jrees/sets/72157604063746417/ from - John Rees - http://twitter.com/jreesnc

All flickr photos tagged "triangletweetup" - http://www.flickr.com/search/?q=triangletweetup

@triangletweetup - http://critz.org/index.cfm/2008/3/7/triangletweetup from Critter http://twitter.com/critter

Twemes # - http://twemes.com/triangletweetup

Ginny Skalski - http://www.flickr.com/photos/ginnyfromtheblog/sets/72157604066277873/ - http://twitter.com/ginnyskal - http://ginnyfromtheblog.com

Brandy - http://iheartcameras.vox.com/library/post/we-haz-meetups.html - http://twitter.com/girloncamera

PRweb.com - http://www.prweb.com/releases/social/media/prweb759394.htm

Twitter100 - http://twitter100.com/triangletweetup

Mobthink - http://mobthink.blogspot.com/2008/03/triangletweetup-lcalvert-march-2008.html



Pre-Tweetup drinks and introductions:

6 p.m. at MacGregor Draft House‎

107 Edinburgh South Dr, Cary, NC


Note: The Draft house is a couple of minutes away from Calvert and we will leave shortly before 7 to go to the tweetup


Follow: http://twitter.com/triangletweetup for updates


This site's password/invite key: "socialcarolina"



(Click "sidebar" tab on the right for a table of contents.)


Attending (name - twitter name - blog or site - location)

Social Carolina - http://twitter.com/rdch - http://socialcarolina.org - NC

Wayne Sutton - http://twitter.com/waynesutton - http://wayne-sutton.com - Raleigh, NC

Phillip Rhodes - http://twitter.com/mindcrime - http://www.jroller.com/mindcrime - Chapel Hill, NC

Jeff Tippett - http://twitter.com/jefftippett - http://www.calvertcreative.com Cary, NC

John Rees - http://twitter.com/jreesnc - http://jrees.net/wordpress Chapel Hill, NC

Ryan Boyles - http://twitter.com/theRab - http://mobthink.com - Wake Forest, NC

Ginny Skalski - http://twitter.com/GinnySkal - http://www.ginnyfromtheblog.com - Raleigh, NC

Mark Hinkle - http://twitter.com/mrhinkle - http://www.socializedsoftware.com - Cary,NC

Brian Russell - twitter.com/brianr, yesh.com, Carrboro Coworking - Chapel Hill, NC

Jeff Cohen - http://twitter.com/dgtlpapercuts http://www.digitalpapercuts.com - Carrboro, NC

Anton Zuiker - http://twitter.com/mistersugar http://mistersugar.com - Durham, NC

Kipp Bodnar - http://twitter.com/kbodnar32 Raleigh, NC

Abby - http://twitter.com/abbyladybug http://proactivebusybody.com http://flickr.com/photos/abbyladybug - Raleigh, NC

Adam Covati - http://twitter.com/covati http://monkeyserver.com - Durham, NC

Leo Suarez - http://twitter.com/dtraleigh - http://dtraleigh.com/ - Raleigh, NC

Critter - http://twitter.com/critter - http://critz.org - Cary, NC

Scott Milling - http://twitter.com/smilling - http://smilling.com - Raleigh, NC

Teri Saylor - http://twitter.com/terisaylor - http://misscongeniality.wordpress.com - Raleigh, NC

David Millsaps http://www.twitter.com/eyevariety - http://www.twitter.com/eyevariety - New Raleigh - New Raleigh, NC

Beck Tench - http://twitter.com/10ch - http://becktench.com - Durham, NC

Lisa Creech Bledsoe - http://twitter.com/glowbird - http://www.lisacreechbledsoe.com - Cary, NC

Dave Johnson - http://twitter/snoopdave - http://rollerweblogger.org/roller - Raleigh, NC

Beebo Wallace - http://twitter/beebo_wallace - bee.sides ... :: Flickr - Greenville, NC

Rob Goodlatte - http://twitter.com/rsg - http://robgoodlatte.com - Durham, NC

Bill Hicks - http://twitter.com/billwashere">http://twitter.com/billwashere Knightdale, NC

Diane Aull - http://twitter.com/torka - Acroprint Time Recorder Co. and NineYards.com - Raleigh/Clayton, NC



Lee White - http://twitter.com/leewhite - http://insideconversation.wordpress.com - Durham, NC (Orange County)

Nathan Gilliatt - twitter.com/gilliatt - The Net-Savvy Executive, Social Target - Apex, NC

Diane Sherman - http://twitter.com/redefining">http://twitter.com/redefining - Raleigh, NC

Joe Seale - http://twitter.com/JoeSeale -d Raleigh, NC

Marshall Sherard- http://twitter.com/KE4ZNR -http://msherard.blogspot.com -Clayton/Raleigh/Garner NC

Brandy Engle - http://twitter.com/girloncamera">http://twitter.com/girloncamera - http://iheartcameras.vox.com/">http://iheartcameras.vox.com/ - Raleigh, NC

Chris Daniel - http://twitter.com/chrisdaniel - http://ChrisDanielVideos.com - http://nTune.tv - Holly Springs/Raleigh, NC

Gene Smith - http://twitter.com/ncho - Ignite Social Media - Cary, NC

Michelle Tackabery - mktackabery - michelletackabery.net - IBM Design Source - Morrisville, NC

Michael Kimsal - twitter.com/mgkimsal - MichaelKimsal.com - Youngsville, NC




JM Daum - http://twitter.com/netd - Carrboro Visitor Center; Soopedeloope - Carrboro, NC (Prior commitment, hate to miss, will someone please video for me and others?)

Ayse - http://twitter.com/arsepoetica - Durham, NC (Prior commitment, look forward to meeting everyone next time.)

David - http://twitter.com/dbarger - Durham, NC (Ditto Ayse.)

Donald Jones - http://twitter.com/djones2 - Donald's Daily Draft - http://blogs.wncn.info/thedailydraft - Raleigh, NC (I'm having a baby that day)

Lenore Ramm - http://twitter.com/eronel - Hillsborough, NC - Eclectic Glob of Tangential Verbosity - prior commitment - next time!

Francis Shepherd - http://twitter.com/shepherdfx - Cary, NC http://www.carolinafcpug.org (Will be in Columbia, SC, plan to drop in via Ustream.)

Paul Jones - http://twitter.com/smalljones - http://ibiblio.org/pjones/blog - Chapel Hill, NC (Will be in Miami, David has the best excuse)


Agenda and Demos - also see Agendas




Hashtags Contest Announcement

iPod shuffle - #triangletweetup



StrawPoll - http://strawpollnow.com - http://twitter.com/strawpoll

Seesmic - http://seesmic.com - invites for attendees


tweetcamp (breakouts)

Twitter 101

Twitter for business

Twitter for fun & family



Open Conversations


Contest Results





Resources and Tools - also see Resources

Twitter Tracking

#hashtags - http://hashtags.org

tweetstats - http://tweetstats.com


Twitter Searching







Topics - also see SubmitTopic

Introductions - connect the twitter account with the person




social networks

twitter apps

twitter packs (groups)

social media

local twitter community

twitter mashups

speaking twitter

twitter sports

how are you using twitter

twitter in the newsroom

twitter tracking


twitter for marketing/pr

twitter for SEO

Why twitter is for the adults

twitter evangelism


social carolina



Blog post and flickr tags



calvert creative




Tweets, Hash Tags & Live Stream


#triangletweetup - http://www.hashtags.org/tag/triangletweetup

LiveStream - http://ustream.tv/channel/waynesuttontv



Calvert Holdings

1225 Crescent Green, Suite 115

Cary, NC 27518


View Larger Map


google maps link here


Media/Blog Coverage - also see Talk

Triangle Tweetup - http://blog.calvertcreative.com/2008/02/28/triangle-tweetup/

Work in Carrboro - http://workincarrboro.wordpress.com/keep-in-touch/



Linkedin Group Invite link




Contact information

events at socialcarolina dot org

Ph: 919-816-2230

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