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March 6, 2008, Tweetup


From netd:  RE hashtags. Is there a problem with indexing when people may not know the original tag and use multiple ways of phrasing or spelling? Twemes help page notes that "Case is not important other than the case of the first instance found will be used for a specific tweme in Twemes.com." [Emphasis added.] Does that mean every other related, almost same, tag is being indexed separately? In that case, is there much use besides, for example, an event when everyone knows what hashtag to search and/or use?


From netd: Who is making money from Twitter (Obvious Corp site has little info for a web tech biz; haven't researched further), and who are these followers with nonsense posts (ex: Siberian underscore chipmu)? Are they collecting data and/or a threat?


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