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How to edit this wiki:

Click "Edit Page" at the top of the screen, use socialcarolina as the invite key.




Good Music Tweetup


Date and Time

Saturday, August 16th At 5:00 p.m.

$35 -- Bring your own blanket.



Koka Booth Amphitheater

8003 Regency Parkway

Cary, NC 27518

Get Directions



Name - Twitter Name

Robert Fischer - @RobertFischer

Alicia Weller - @AliciaWeller

Amber - @amber9904




Triangle Tweetup 4.0

A social carolina meetup - http://socialcarolina.org

Follow: http://twitter.com/triangletweetup for updates





Date & Time:

Thursday, August 21 At 7 p.m.




2635 N Meridian Pkwy

Durham, NC 27713

Twitter: iContactCorp

Plurk: iContact



Pre Tweetup Drinks location:



Topics To Discuss:

Emerging Micro Blogging Platforms:




Life Stream Applications




Celebrating Critter's 36th




Location Sponsor: iContact / Twitter

Food and Drink Sponsor: TBD

Door Prizes Sponsors:

Contest Sponsors:

We're looking for sponsors, call 919-816-2230 or email events at socialcarolina dot org



Name - Twitter Name -Blog

1. Kipp Bodnar - twitter.com/kbodnar32 - digitalcapitalism.com

2. Wayne Sutton - twitter.com/waynesutton -wayne-sutton.com

3. Tiffani Bell - twitter.com/tiffani

4. Lenore Ramm - twitter.com/eronel - eronel.blogspot.com

5. Critter - @Critter - @blog

6. Marshall Sherard twitter.com/KE4ZNR msherard.blogspot.com --I promise I won't miss this one!

7. Patrick Clarke - twitter.com/clarkey96 - onwired.com

8. Tony Chester - twitter.com/tonychester - onwired.com

9. Jeff Cohen - http://twitter.com/dgtlpapercuts - http://digitalpapercuts.com

10. Ginny Skalski - http://twitter.com/ginnyskal - http://ginnyfromtheblog.com

11. Kevin Gamble - twitter.com/k1v1n - blog.k1v1n.com

12. Tracy Needham - twitter.com/tlneedham - www.compellingmarketingblog.com

13. James Wong - www.twitter.com/CommunityMGR - www.Plurk.com/user/CommunityMGR - jwongatiContact.com - iContact.com

14. Robert Fischer - @RobertFischer - http://enfranchisedmind.com/blog

15. Alicia Weller - GraphicKarma - http://graphickarma.com

16. Tara Maxwell - twitter.com/tmaxwell - http://www.MyNC.com

17. beebo wallace - twitter :: flickr :: bee.sides

18. Jeff Tippett - http://twitter.com/jefftippett


Maybe Attending:

1. Francis Shepherd - twitter.com/shepherdfx - carolinafcpug.org

2. Diane Aull - twitter.com/torka - aull.info - want to help Critter celebrate, but Durham's a hike from Clayton. What do do, what to do?

3. Michelle Tackabery - Twitter - Tackabery Chronicle (blog)

4. Sonja Foust - twitter.com/streetmouse - blog.sonjafoust.com - Don't know my fall class schedule yet but I'll be there if I can.

5. Ryan Boyles - twitter.com/theRab - plurk - brightkite - friendfeed - tumblr

6. Joe Sumney - twitter.com/acornrider It'll be a long drive from Sanford, but I might make it on time.


Not Attending:

1. Greg de Lima - twitter.com/gregdelima - gregdelima.com



1) Matthew R. Miller - twitter.com/mattrmiller - codeandcoffee.com (Sorry everyone, I double booked this day a while back. I forgot about a sporting event I have. We are wrapping up the season, otherwise I would skip.)


TweetDivas Glam Cocktails at Solas


TweetDivas Site: http://www.tweetdivas.com/

Follow TweetDivas on Twitter: http://twitter.com/tweetdivas


Date and Time: August 28th, 7pm

Location: Solas, on Glenwood South in downtown Raleigh, NC: http://solasraleigh.com/

(planning to be in the rooftop lounge, third level)


Upscale Dress Code



1. Lisa Creech Bledsoe - http://twitter.com/glowbird - lisa@theglowingedge.com

2. Diane Aull - http://twitter.com/torka - http://www.aull.info/




May be attending:




Triangle Funpark Tweetup

Date and Time

Friday, September 19 At 7:30 p.m.



Frankies Fun Park

11190 Fun Park Dr

Raleigh, NC 27617

(919) 433-7888


Topics to Discuss

Nothing! This is a fun end of the Summer Tweetup with Laser Tag, Go Cart Racing, and Miniature Golf until you drop! No official Social Media talk at this event!



Name - Twitter Name -Blog

1. Kipp Bodnar - twitter.com/kbodnar32 - digitalcapitalism.com

2. Wayne Sutton - twitter.com/waynesutton - wayne-sutton.com

3. Matthew R. Miller - twitter.com/mattrmiller - codeandcoffee.com

4. Patrick Clarke - twitter.com/clarkey96 - onwired.com

5. Tony Chester - twitter.com/tonychester - onwired.com

6. James Wong - www.twitter.com/CommunityMGR - www.Plurk.com/user/CommunityMGR - jwongatiContact.com - iContact.com

7. Robert Fischer - @RobertFischer - http://enfranchisedmind.com/blog

8. Alicia Weller - @GraphicKarma - http://graphickarma.com


Maybe Attending:

1. Lenore Ramm - twitter.com/eronel - eronel.blogspot.com

2. Diane Aull - twitter.com/torka - aull.info - has anyone pondered the implications of Sept.19 also being International Talk Like a Pirate Day? Arrrr.




Social Connections

Twitter on Linkedin


@triangletweetup - Linkedin Group Invite link




plurk.png 81�8 pixels



@Plurk-in - on Linkedin Group invite link



twitter tweeple - Linkedin Group invite link



Friendfeed room









Contact information

events at socialcarolina dot org

Ph: 919-816-2230



Suggested future locations or other types of tweetups:

1. Open Eye Cafe, Carrboro, NC (unconfirmed)

2. Capstrat, Raleigh, NC - confirmed

3. IBM RTP office - confirmed

4. Newfangled, Carrboro, NC (unconfirmed)

5. Shade tree coffee, Durham unconfirmed)

6. Edge Office, Raleigh, NC - confirmed

7. Cafe Driade, Chapel Hill, NC (unconfirmed)

8. 3cups, Chapel Hill, NC (unconfirmed)



Past tweetups information

Archive http://triangletweetup.pbwiki.com/triangletweetup-v1 - March 6, 2008 at Calvert Holdings, Cary, NC http://www.calvertholdings.com

Archive http://triangletweetup.pbwiki.com/Triangletweetup2dot0 - May 29, 2008 at Capstrat, Raleigh, NC http://capstrat.com

Archive http://triangletweetup.pbwiki.com/Triangletweetup3dot0 - June 2008 at Knights Play, Apex, NC

Archive http://triangletweetup.pbwiki.com/bowlingtweetup">http://triangletweetup.pbwiki.com/bowlingtweetup - August 6th At 7:00 p.m. at Western Lanes Bowling Center


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