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Triangle Bowling Tweetup


Date and Time

Wednesday, August 6th At 7:00 p.m.

$13 unlimited bowling for 2 hours and that includes shoes!


Meet people and bowl. This is a fun event and there is no schedule. We'll stay as late as people want.



Western Lanes Bowling Center

2512 Hillsborough St
Raleigh, NC 27607

Get Directions

(919) 832-3533



Name - Twitter Name

Leo Suarez - @DTRaleigh

Patrick Clarke - @Clarkey96

Chad Etzel - @jazzychad

Kim Etzel - @CutieKim9

Critter - @Critter

Eve - @GeekGirlTV

Kitch - @kitch

Gina - @GinaDevine

Wayne Sutton - @waynesutton

Ginny -- @GinnySkal

John Martin-- @nematome (Are we wearing our Twitter badges???)

Jason DiMambro - @DiMambro

Tanner Lovelace - @clubjuggler

Rachel Rosenberg -  @RachelRosenberg
Maybe Attending:
Ruby Sinreich - @ruby
Dan Chung - @dchung
Kevin Otte - @nivex
Ben Requena — @benrequena
Robert Rice - @robertrice


Robert Fischer - @RobertFischer
Alicia Weller - @GraphicKarma
Matthew R. Miller - @mattrmiller




Past tweetups information

Archive http://triangletweetup.pbwiki.com/triangletweetup-v1 - March 6, 2008 at Calvert Holdings, Cary, NC http://www.calvertholdings.com

Archive http://triangletweetup.pbwiki.com/Triangletweetup2dot0 - May 29, 2008 at Capstrat, Raleigh, NC http://capstrat.com

Archive http://triangletweetup.pbwiki.com/Triangletweetup3dot0 - June 2008 at Knights Play, Apex, NC


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